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Written and directed by Clemy Clarke (all episodes)

Produced by Clemy Clarke and Carlo Fiorio (all episodes)

Co-writers: Carlo Fiorio (Ep3, 5), Victor Osorio (Ep3), Izzy Pollak (Ep3, 5) , Salim (Ep5), Morgan Bouttier (Ep5)

Cinematography: Eric Waldron (Ep1, 3, 4), Michael Jenkins (Ep2), Ryan Brown (Ep5, 6)

With: Salim (Ep1 & 5), Alexis Salinas (Ep2), Patrick Hayle (Ep2), Izzy Pollak (Ep3, 5), Alanna Lynott (Ep3, 5), Andrea Yagui (Ep3), Gerardo Muniz (Ep4), Aditya Basu (Ep4), Carolin Springborn (Ep5), Farrell Huntley (Ep6), Alexandra Rubin (Ep6), Preston Pollard (Ep6).

Production Design: Mary Florence Brown (Ep1), Francesca Nicolas Brugal (Ep2, 3, 4)

Location Sound: Edmond Smith (Ep1), Jake Flack (Ep2, 3, 4) Phong Dang (Ep5, 6)

Sound re-recording mixers: Ricardo Nazario (Ep1), Jack Flack (Ep2, 3), Benjamin Lecuyer (Ep4, 5, 6)

Colorists: Christophe Laya (Ep1, 3, 4), Bobby Lam (Ep2) Zain Awais (Ep5, 6)

Music: Lillia Betz (Ep1, 2, 3, 4), Alex Previty (all episodes), Adam Intrator (Ep6)

Title Sequence: Jess Castillo and Chris Salvador (all episodes)

Gaffers: Kevin Kearney (Ep2), Thomas Smith (Ep5, 6)

Production Assistants: David Zucker (Ep3, 4), Kevin Borow, Harry Heng (Ep4), Tim Walsh (Ep5, 6) , Sean Hokanson (Ep5, 6)

1st AC: Evan Sartory (Ep3, 4), Nick Goto (Ep5, 6)

Make-up: Xia Thao (Ep2, 3, 4), Jacque Piotrowski (Ep5, 6)

Starring: Dwight Augustin (Ep1), Patrick Correll (Ep1), Parth Dave (Ep1), Morgan Farrell (Ep1), Carlo Fiorio (Ep1, 2, 4, 5), Valentina Mareuse (Ep1), Jaimal Patal (Ep1), Ankoor Taylor (Ep1), Anjik Butler (Ep2), Johan Ingler (Ep2), Crystina Abayan (Ep4), Victor Osorio (Ep4) 

Drone Operator: Jens Eser (Ep6)

Visual Effects: Zain Awais (Ep6)

Clemy Clarke

Clemy Clarke

Born in Paris, Hollywood web series writer and director Clemy Clarke received a scholarship to study film directing in the United States. Clemy started out working on film sets in Los Angeles as assistant and editor. Clemy is currently writing her first feature film and a new web series.

contact: clemclarco@gmail.com